Beauty or intelligence are hard to define, but you know them when you see them.

Same thing about Scaled companies, people, and software.

Google, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, the mythical 10x engineers.  They scaled themselves, their OSS, and their companies with their OSS.  And the other 99% failed to scale.

What is the magic of scale?  What makes some projects rocket like Spark?  How do you change the world with a programming language, like James Gosling?  How do you build a Netflix in the cloud?

I've built communities and invited the authors to speak at meetups and conferences for almost a decade.  I saw things like Spark and Kafka scale from the ground up – what was the origin, the open source uptake, the movement, teh business, the growth.  

How did it start?

What did it take?

What made it happen?

Is there something you could learn and implement to scale yourself, your project, your company?

I tell these stories in real time, hosting their heroes By the Bay and sharing their stories in videos, podcasts, blog, and eventually the book, on scaled.